Curtain Walling

Curtain walls gives a clean, sophisticated, and unique appearance, which is now associated with contemporary design. Our robust yet lightweight solutions offer designers the flexibility to create imaginative, high performance structures.

Curtain walling systems are increasingly specified in the world’s most modern commercial and industrial buildings. In fact they have come to be expected of many buildings today, not only because of their numerous practical advantages but also because of their appearance.

Curtain walls are installed on the outside of a building, on their own frame. Though the frame is secured to the main building’s slabs at certain points, curtain walls stand entirely on their own structure. They are installed from the outside and the effect is an outside view that can almost look like seamless glass.

Features & Benefits of Curtain Walling

  • Curtain walls have the primary purpose of keeping air and water out of the building, essentially acting as both a buffer and an insulator.
  • Curtain Walling is Lightweight – Due to it being non-structural, the material used to make it can be lightweight. This reduces the costs of production and construction, making it an extremely worthy investment.
  • The additional use of glass within curtain walling brings the added advantage that natural light can flow throughout buildings.
  • Reducing Building Sway – A curtain wall isn’t intended to provide for structural stability, but it does reduce the sway of the building overall, thereby making the structure more secure.
  • Slowing the Spread of Fire – Curtain walls are additionally able to slow the spread of fire between floors, by acting as a barrier and preventing the fire from easily transferring across the surface of the building.
  • Thermal Efficiency- When properly treated and glazed, curtain walls also vastly improve the thermal efficiency of a building.
  • Additional glazing can reduce UV light, which will keep items within the building from fading or degrading quickly.

Flush glazing vs Pressure Glazing

There are two types of curtain walls: pressure glazed and flush glazed versions.

In a flush glazing (sometimes called pocket glazing) wall you see just the glass outside, with a little silicon join between the panes. The glass is set in a recess in a frame; If any stops are used they are also recessed; so the glazing is flush with the frame jamb surface.

On a pressure glazed curtain wall, the aluminium frame holding the glass is exposed, so you see the framing from the outside. The system is used extensively in high – performance commercial applications requiring durability, sound weathering characteristics, aesthetic impact and demanding technical performance.

Our most popular Curtain Wall Systems

To offer you the best solutions for your curtain walling project, we at Pro Aluminium & Glass have partnered with a number of industry leaders. Here are some of the most popular curtain walling systems we install:

Conways Crealco Curtain Wall System
  • Façade 60 Pressure Glazed Curtain Wall
  • Façade 60 Flush Glazed Curtain Wall
Alsysco Curtain Wall System
  • ThermEco Wall PG 50
  • ThermEco Wall FG 50
HBS Curtain Wall System
  • Advantage Pressure Glazed Curtain Wall
  • Advantage Flush Glazed Curtain Wall
H Systems Curtain Wall System
  • Jacaranda Pressure Glazed Curtain Wall
  • Jacaranda Flush Glazed Curtain Wall

We design, assemble and install curtain walling systems to create impressive high-performance facades. For more information on our curtain walling solutions, cost estimates and  expert guidance , please contact our sales team today.

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