Custom Designed Louvre Installations

Custom designed and tailored specifically to your architectural designs, our custom designed aluminium louvre solutions will bring desired functionality and modern aesthetics to any building project.

Louvre systems are highly popular with architects for industrial and commercial buildings. They can be used to control the entry of light, to reduce sun glare, or to provide ventilation whilst maintaining rain defense. In addition louvres systems are used for screening, or for a combination of any of these benefits.

Aluminium louvres also provide a modern design feature to the facade of a building, and in some cases are used purely for aesthetic purposes.

Weather-resistant louvers afford fairly good protection against the direct ingress of rain, leaves and birds. Because of their design, they cannot prevent the entry of slight quantities of water under certain conditions. This can be overcome by the use of eliminators.

Note: If your requirement is primarily sun control, and to make a building more energy efficient, we recommend our Hunter Douglas range of sun louvre systems:

Hunter Douglas Sun Control Louvres

Click on the links below to explore our world-renowned Hunter Douglas range..

When your requirements place more emphasis on screening , ventilation or pure aesthetics, we manufacture and install custom louvres tailored to your requirements.

Our louvre systems are highly adaptable. They are available in various configurations, materials, finishes and coatings to meet the requirements of almost any project.

Aluminium Screening Louvres

The principal objective of screening louvres is to limit visibility by obstruct line of sight from certain vantage points. This is achieved by virtue of its design or orientation. Generally each run of louvre has a continuous appearance to blend in with the building. However they can also be made to provide a contrast to the building as an architectural feature.

Aluminium Ventilation Louvres

Sometimes also referred to as performance louvres, the principal objective of ventilation louvre systems is to allow the flow of air, whilst providing a measure of protection against the rain.They are used extensively for mechanical units and air conditioning ducts, in which they incorporate bird proofing and vermin proofing fittings.

Ventilation louvres can be manufactured in a range of differents specs. Our most popular systems are….

  • The Lazy-Z louvre, where spacing can vary
    The Y louvre, with fixed spacing.

Features & Benefits of Architectural Aluminium louvres

  • Our custom solutions are designed specifically for the building, which means it will be a ‘perfect fit’
  • Sun louvres filter out harsh light and excessive heat, and allow fresh air to move throughout a building, benefiting the occupants, and reducing the building’s energy usage.
  • Eliminates sun glare within a building
  • Can provide ventilation and screening whilst maintaining rain defense
  • If noise reduction is required, acoustic louvre panels may be used.
  • Can be uniquely configured to provide the solution to your needs.
  • Engineered for vertical, angled or horizontal applications,
  • Can be projected to the façade, parallel to the façade or otherwise designed in relation to the angle of the sun.
  • Frames and blades of formed, extruded aluminium
  • Mesh screen from galvanized steel or plastic PVC
  • Insect mesh from stainless steel / aluminium or nylon
  • Optional accessories is available, such as mitred corners or louvre doors.


For custom designed aluminium louvre installations, get in touch with our sales team today. We can assist you at every step of the process, from design and manufacture through to installation and maintenance.

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