Aesthetic Glass

Glass is not only a highly functional and versatile building material, it can have various aesthetic properties to enhance the architectural designs of homes as well as commercial spaces .

We offer a range of glass with aesthetic properties, to meet a variety of design requirements, as well as glare reduction and solar control demands. With striking visual aesthetics, tinted and reflective glass is widely specified for a variety of commercial glazing applications. Both products achieve improved solar performance values compared to clear glass, resulting in greater efficiency.

Here below are the broad categories of aesthetic glass options applicable to most of our product lines.

Tinted Glass

Tinted and reflective glass types are designed to compliment building facades and improve solar performance. It is produced by adding metal oxides to float glass during manufacture. Tinted glass absorbs and re-radiates solar energy reducing heat and it can provide cost effective climate control. It also reduces sun glare and is aesthetically appealing. Tinted glass is available most commonly in Grey and Bronze.

Tinted laminates reduce damaging short-wave ultraviolet radiation. The lighter tints eliminate some solar energy and are intended for use in glazing areas where safety , glare control and aesthetic qualities are required. The deeper tints improve glare control and provide a higher degree of solar heat elimination

Reflective Glass

Reflective glass provides a bold, crisp exterior appearance, along with a dynamic building surface that changes to reflect the surroundings. It offers greater solar control than standard tinted float glass and can be used to create a specific visual appearance in a building. A metallic coating is applied during the manufacturing process and creates a highly reflective appearance.
Reflective Glass is typically available in Clear, Neutral, Grey, Bronze, and Blue colours.

Coloured Glass

Coloured glass makes it possible to create highly original building facades, partitions and interior spaces. It is most often used for enhanced architectural aesthetics. Made by laminating coloured interlayers in the glass, you achieve multiple colours of varying intensity and solar control properties to suit your vision.
The coloured glass interlayers are stable in both heat and light, so can be used in internal and external applications without colour distortion. When used with our solar control glass, the glass can be used to reduce solar heat gain and for the reduction of glare.

Typical applications

  • To compliment building facades especially malls and office blocks
  • Where glare control and solar performance is required.
  • Decorative eg. Glass shelves and office partitions.
  • Ideal for applications which require the design benefits of colours.

Features & Benefits

  • Tinted Glass Reduces heat and UV rays and slows down fading in furniture and carpets
  • Extensive range of tints available
  • Tinted inter-layers can be used individually or in various combinations to create colourful and distinctive glass facades, partitions and interiors.
  • Anti-glare properties
  • Solar Control properties
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Colour matching is possible with the Vanceva® range
  • Can be applied to most types of performance glass


  • Reflective Glass eg: S10 / Solarshield Range
  • Tinted Performance glass eg: Cool Grey / Deep Cool Grey / Green / Blue / Silver / Bronze (Non Reflective finish)
  • Vanceva® range (in wide range of colours – the vinyl can also be printed on)
  • Coloured Laminated Safety Glass eg: ColourVue™
  • Vanceva Colour Range:
    • Aqua Blue
    • Sapphire Blue
    • True Blue
    • Smoke Grey
    • Dark Red
    • Ruby Red
    • General Rose
    • Evening Shadow
    • Tangerine
    • Cool White
    • Golden Light Yellow
    • Sahara Sun YEllow
  • Tinted Vinyl Colours:
    • Aquamarine
    • Blue
    • Bronze
    • Grey
    • Regal Blue
    • Shadowlite 10,25,50
    • White Translucent

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