Low-E Glass

Low-E Glass is performance glass designed to minimize ultraviolet and infrared light transference, without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted.

Innovation in glass manufacturing sees a constant improvement in the solar and thermal performance of glass. One way this performance is achieved is through the use of passive and solar control low-e coatings. The E range of glass is a single glazed low emissivity glass designed to give superior insulation.

Low emissivity glass has a microscopically thin, transparent coating—it is much thinner than a human hair—that reflects long-wave infrared energy (or heat). Some low-e’s also reflect significant amounts of short-wave solar infrared energy.

Typical applications

  • For installations requiring solar and thermal performance
  • Where superior insulation is required
  • Especially on large windows, shopfronts and facades

Features & Benefits

  • Superior thermal insulation for single glazing
  • Minimizes the amount of ultraviolet light transference
  • Minimizes the amount of infrared light transference


  • 4mm Clear Low E Float Glass
  • 4mm Clear Low E Toughened Safety Glass
  • 6mm Clear Low E Toughened Safety Glass
  • 6.38mm Clear Low E Laminated Safety Glass
  • Reflective Low-E eg: Ener-G Smart – Solar E range
  • Tinted Low E
  • ColorVue E range
  • SolarVue E range
  • Solarshield range
  • Double-glazed units with Low E Glass & tinted Low ‘E’

Note: it is important to keep your low-E glass clean and Scratch free to derive the most benefit from it. Often people end up scratching the coating on a single glazed application, which reduces it’s effectiveness. It is equally important to keep the Low E clean at all times for the coating to maintain its effectiveness.

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