Sun Control: Panel Systems

HunterDouglas® Panel Systems for Sun Control bring excellent design, functionality and comfort to modern buildings with multi-functional louvre systems.

HunterDouglas® Panel Systems within the Sun Louvre product range, give architects the freedom to choose the right system to meet aesthetic, performance and comfort criteria. Panel Systems can be installed in a projected or parallel orientation to the façade or designed in relation to the angle of the sun.

Create an elegant, light appearance with gently curved edges with aluminium roll-formed panels 84R, 70S and 132S. For designs with a more defined look, extruded aluminium panels 100R and 110HC are the ideal choice.

All Panel Systems are aluminium single skin panels with a range of support structures. Horizontal and vertical projections come in a variety of panels and modulations to meet the project specification and design.


Feature and Benefits

  • Panel Systems give architects the freedom to choose the right system to meet the aesthetic, performance and comfort criteria.
  • All Panel Systems can be projected horizontally, vertically or angled and are all can be mounted on the same variety of self supporting extruded carrier Systems.
  • A versatile, light-weight and cost effective solution to all sun control requirements.
  • Panel Systems are easy and quick to install with very few tools required.
  • All systems (excluding 110HC) can be installed using the same extruded aluminium substructure.
  • Steel wall brackets fitted to the façade ensure the carrier profiles with brackets or stringers are easily fixed in place.
  • Panels are snapped into place on the brackets or stringers without tools. As an option for horizontal applications, a fascia can be fitted to the carrier profiles.
  • Almost all HunterDouglas® Panel Systems can be mounted on the same substructure and projected horizontally, vertically or angled.

84R Panel System

The HunterDouglas® 84R Panel System is a classic system ideal for straight, curved or angled façade applications and has an elegant and light appearance with smooth rounded edges.

A wide range of carrier profiles with fixed or variable modulation is available to ensure that optimal shading angles and openness are achieved for each application. 84R Panel Systems can also be used as ventilated façades.

The 84R Panel System can be installed in 5 ways:

  • Horizontal
  • Angled
  • Vertical
  • Combination
  • Curved

70s / 132s Panel Systems

The HunterDouglas® 70S and 132S Panel System consist of sturdy Z-shaped panels.
The panels provide a crisp, pleasing aesthetic design. A variety of carrier systems is available allowing the optimal solution for each application

  • A wide range of stylish carrier profiles with sliding brackets are available to ensure that optimal shading angles and openness are achieved for each application.
  • 70S and 132S Panel Systems can also be used as ventilated façades.
  • Quick and easy to install with very few tools required.


  • Façades and external envelope
  • Self-supporting roofs
  • Dome shape buildings
  • Interior walls, ceilings and balconies
  • Canopies

110HC Panel System

The HunterDouglas® 110HC Panel System is made of extruded aluminium panels assembled in a frame and has a robust, high-tech appearance.

  • The panels have sufficient rigidity to span 1800 mm without intermediate support arms (subject to site conditions).
  • Panels are locked in place by precision injection molded non-vibrating polypropylene spacer blocks.
  • The design guarantees rigidity and is rattle-free.
  • The System allows easy and quick installation with very few tools.

For more detailed info, technical specs and diagrams, click to view or download the Hunter Douglas Panel System Sun Control PDF brochure.

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