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Trends find their way into many aspects of our lives from our tech products, to our furniture, to the colours we see in advertising and design. Perhaps a little less noticeable are the trends that occur in the world of architecture and the way we style our living and working environments.

Modern architectural trends feature minimalist designs, and open-plan layouts. We’re also seeing a wide-scale move towards integration of interior spaces and exterior spaces.

sun control louvres

Light and space are key-concepts for modern designers, and so is the focus for more eco-friendly, energy-efficient buildings.

Whether you’re a professional in the building industry or a homeowner looking to update your space, it’s helpful to be aware of the current design trends. Browsing favourite decor or architecture websites is a good place to start. And when it comes specifically to windows and doors, let’s take a look at some of the current trends.

Slimmer profiles, more glass

Have you noticed how streamlined window profiles have increased in popularity? We are seeing this trend both in residential and commercial properties. This is because it allows windows to feature more glass than a frame. This not only allows more natural light through, but it also maximises the view and adds a modern feel to any property.

Sliding doors with Toplites

Such accentuated designs give buildings a more contemporary, minimalist look. Slim sight-lines certainly create a more expansive feel for your property, as they allow for a greater visual flow between the inside spaces, and your patio or garden.

The beauty of aluminium windows is that the sections can be extruded into pretty slim profiles, while remaining strong and sturdy to support large window panes. Some of our slimmer profiles and systems at Pro Aluminium are the 30,5 mm, the 34 mm, the Crealco and Skyline systems.

Eco-Friendly Choices

As the cost of electricity rises and the world moves towards a cleaner environment, more consumers are looking to replace older inefficient windows with eco-friendly and energy- efficient options. Going green and saving electricity is one of the dominant trends in our modern construction era.

What many consumers don’t know is that this is not just a nice-to-have, but is now a regulation. In South Africa, the SANS 10400 National Building Regulations have been amended in the form of the XA appendices, in order to further enforce and regulate energy efficient practises in the built environment, with the long-term benefit of reducing overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Stacking Doors & Double Volume View Window

So in a new build, the windows you choose must be SANS 10400-XA-compliant or they will not pass the regulations. This is something we take very seriously at Pro Aluminium.

Overall, aluminium frames are definitely an eco-friendly choice for your building project. Aluminium is 100% recyclable – so choosing aluminium windows and doors is a good first step towards ensuring that your building is more eco-friendly.

In addition you would do well by fitting the most appropriate varieties of energy saving glass for your windows. This ensures that your usage of artificial heating and cooling systems will be reduced, and so too will your electricity bills.

Low-E glass, for example, is unique in that it reflects heat back to its source. This means that on hot days you will have less heat entering your home, thereby actively reducing the output of fans and air-conditioners. And on colder days, your indoor heating is reflected back into your interior. This reduces heat loss and in turn reduces your need for artificial heating. The net result is you spend far less on electricity, and this smart solution will effectively reduce your carbon footprint for years to come!

Walls of Glorious Glass

If you’re a lover of outdoor spaces, you will appreciate this growing trend: visually merging a home’s inner space with its outdoor surroundings. This means opening up your interior rooms to your garden, poolside, or perhaps even a courtyard. The same approach can of course be applied to commercial properties.

This modern approach is achieved by installing glass fixtures instead of walls. These can be large panes of glass, from floor to ceiling, but can also incorporate opening windows, glass doors, or any desired combination of fixtures. At Pro Aluminium, we guide property owners through the options so they can choose sliding windows, sliding doors or folding doors according to the desired functionality.

What’s also popular is to use glass fixtures as indoor room dividers. Architects know that any walls that aren’t load-bearing can be replaced by glass fixtures. Using glass instead of concrete makes your interior spaces more open and bright and offers a stunning aesthetic. Such designs can also increase the resale value of your property.

Go Custom

Another current window trend is to install feature windows or accent windows. These add striking visual elements to any structure. Fixed or opening, they can be manufactured to unusual dimensions for adding an area of interest to modern homes or commercial buildings alike.

Aluminium window frames can be standard casement, sliding or folding styles. Beyond this, trending designs can call for customising the space. Unique features like cottage pane designs can really accentuate more mundane parts of the home.

Designers will find that there are certain places in a home’s environment that may call for creative installations. Picture windows, for example, can make a fantastic addition to a staircase landing, or to a double volume space. Bay windows, although not a new invention, are also a very popular choice among architects. They let extra light in and also create a sense of cosiness, adding an attractive focal point to any space in the home.

Go grey or black

If you take a look around you would notice that there has been a huge shift towards the darker shades such as the charcoal grey powder-coated aluminium. In some cases property owners choose different greys and in some cases they go for black. In recent years we find that more and more of our clients at Pro Aluminium specify grey.

Aluminium Folding Stacking Doors

This adds to the modern feel of any residential or commercial building. It also allows the aluminium fixtures to blend in more with the structure. In contrast if you look at a building with white aluminium windows for example, you would see how much more these fixtures stand out.

Choosing a trendy colour for your aluminium frames is another way you can take advantage of current trends and give your property an immediate contemporary look.

Turn your windows into doors

Another clever approach in recent times is to replace windows with doors. Most popular are sliding doors, folding doors or often a pair of french doors. This adds more functionality to any property, but also adds to the aesthetics. It literally opens up the space and opens up possibilities of how you interact with your space.

By replacing a window with a door, you can create easier access to your outdoor areas, and take advantage of the beautiful weather we have in South Africa. Think seamless flow, think natural living.

Modernise your property

Modern trends in home designs as well as offices and commercial buildings involve eco-friendly choices that allow for more transition between your interior and exterior spaces with glass walls and customised solutions.

If you are considering such options for your building project, speak to us at (Pro Aluminium Durban 031 701 2001 / Joburg 010 003 1889). Our friendly sales people will gladly lead you through the options and choose the best solutions to add trendy and modern glass fixtures to your living or working space.

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