Complete Facade Project for Ballito Vitality Centre, with Composite Cladding

We are pleased to showcase one of our recent projects, the complete facade installation for the Ballito Vitality Centre in Ballito, located on the North Coast of KZN.

This project presented an exciting challenge for our team as we aimed to create a contemporary and visually stunning facade. To achieve this, we utilized composite panels for cladding throughout the building in a modern color scheme of striking grays and whites, which immediately adds an ultra-modern aesthetic and gives the building a distinct and iconic appearance.

Cladding has become a popular choice for accentuating the facades of modern commercial structures due to its versatility and durability. The cladding system not only offers protection, but also enhances the visual appeal of the building. Among the various cladding materials available, aluminum composite panels are a favored option among architects and designers.

With a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from, cladding systems are an excellent choice for improving both the interior and exterior of your building.

Our team at Pro thoroughly enjoyed the project and takes great pride in the final outcome.


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February 5, 2023