Purpose-made Sun Screens for South Point Student Apartments in Johannesburg

Another proud installation by our Gauteng team. Here we manufactured and installed purpose-made “Box System” Sunscreens for the “Bee Hive” student accommodation in Braamfontein, just north of Johannesburg.

The Bee-Hive is part of the South Point offering of student accommodation buildings across South Africa. South Point is one of the largest and leading independent provider of student accommodation outside of the universities in the country. They have successfully created a lifestyle brand of distinction where ‘students come to reside while they catapult their ambitions of personal growth through higher education.’

One of the most significant benefits of aluminium sunscreens is the reduction of solar glare, which can potentially lower air conditioning costs by 20% to 50%. This is because our sunscreens are designed to block the net heat gain caused by sunlight striking clear or tinted glass, resulting in a more comfortable indoor environment.

Our sunscreens are also built to last, thanks to their strength and lightweight nature. This means that they require less heavy support structures, resulting in valuable construction savings.

Not only do these sunscreens provide solar protection, but they are also designed to allow for a large amount of free-air flow, and heat-reduction helping to reduce building cooling costs. With a variety of profiles, finishes, and colours available, our sunscreens increase privacy and security while minimizing the effects of wind-driven rain or hail.

The aluminium construction of our sunscreens is a fraction of the weight of steel, corrosion-resistant, and non-magnetic. This makes them ideal for reducing the size of mounting supports, resulting in an improved aesthetic and reduced structural effect on a building.

At Pro Aluminium, we are committed to providing professional installation of quality sunscreens that offer numerous benefits for your building and the South African climate. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


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March 6, 2023