Stunning Facade Project for Kiron Properties Offices (Gauteng)

An innovative commercial façade project that has kept our team engaged and inspired – This project, for the Kiron Properties Office (in Bedfordview, Gauteng) entailed the supply and installation of a complex facade with aluminium composite panels, together with of aerofoil louvres, and an elaborate steel sub-structure to support it all.

The facade was an interesting project for our team to demonstrate their expertise, and the result was nothing short of stunning. The aluminium composite panels created a sleek, modern look that completely transformed the appearance of the building.

The use of aluminium composite panels not only improved the building’s aesthetic appeal but also provided enhanced protection from the elements. The graphite & matt silver panels which we perforated in-house, brings a unique element of visual interest.

When it came to the aerofoil louvres, we fitted the Hunter Douglas louvres, for which we are accredited agents. These are made with precision-engineered aerofoil blades that are designed to provide maximum light control and energy efficiency. They offer a sleek, modern look and can be customized to fit the specific needs of any space. You can learn more about Hunter Douglas louvres here.

All in all the process required meticulous attention to detail, as our team needed to ensure a precise fit and flawless finish. The end result was a sleek, modern look that gave the building a contemporary and sophisticated appearance.

Our team was excited to be a part of this transformation project, and is proud to have delivered such a beautiful and highly functional structure.


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February 5, 2023